Enough is Enough!

Absolutely, I agree ENOUGH of this insanity cycle.
Enough of more of the same, time and time again.

Let’s consider this.

I don’t care who you are when it comes to the gun control debate. The prevailing, mainstream narrative is NOT what the NRA says after a shooting massacre. The prevailing narrative is the one that gets 38 states to enact gun control bills at one time. The one that gets Republican legislators and governors to “finally do something” about the situation as if Republicans never contributed any solutions in the past. Or most recently, the one that gets “organic” student movements backed by billions marching in the nations Capitol and touring 60 cities on a glorified tour. All those things are fueled by a predominately, “Gun control now!” message and culture that celebrates it.

Each and every single time.

I’ve watched it closely for the last 6 years as an activist. Even when I prescribed to the same way of thinking several years ago, the “enough is enough” narrative only made sense to me until it didn’t.

For someone (way back then) who didn’t pay attention to gun control policy, I began to notice three things:

I kept proclaiming with them that something had to be done.
Something was done.
What was being done wasn’t working.

Then Columbine
Then Virginia Tech
Then Sandy Hook
Then Pulse
Then Las Vegas
Then Sutherland Springs
Then Parkland
Then Santa Fe
Then Maryland

Tragedy after tragedy. Year after year. Decade after decade. The same exact outcry, bringing forth the same exact legislative reactions, resulting in the same exact result.


Tell me? If you had a co worker who continued for years or decades to apply the same failed solution to a business problem, would he or she still be working there?

Unless you are a brain broke person yourself you would adamantly say, “Hell No!”

Then… for all that is in me I can’t seem to understand why you can’t think the same way for our country?

More of the same has not and will not work.

Because your solution keeps pointing to the same root.

The root is flawed. The cause is flawed. There is one common denominator in all of this violence.

For the sake of encouraging critical thinking I will let you answer that yourself.

Hint: Notice I said the word, “violence” full stop.

From now on I will start calling those who push gun control measures, the real evil ones.

Evil is knowing the truth, seeing your way doesn’t work and pushing your failed, uneducated, short-term, Hazlitt would be rolling in his grave type policies through anyways.

It’s insanity. And insanity has no place in making our laws work for our citizens.

So watch. Watch those prominent figures and legislatures who continue to perpetuate the same ole narrative.

Come Nov, it’s time to get their insanity cycle ways out.